Powerpuff WTF 

The little girl inside of me was SO insanely excited when I heard that the classic children’s show The Powerpuff Girls was having a modern remake. For me The Powerpuff Girls was the western version of Sailor Moon, they were iconic. Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup were adorable, they were girly, they were squabbling sisters in cute little dresses but they were also bad a*$ superheroes who saved their dad, the mayor, and their city multiple times. Bubbles showed girls that being sensitive didn’t mean that you had to be a wimp, Buttercup showed that girls could be feisty and pretty at the same time and Blossom taught us that being ‘bossy’ wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Powerpuff Girls rocked and it was funny!

The new remake? WHAT. THE. HELL. The original Powerpuff Girls were supposed to be kindergarteners, but in the remake, they just bicker over cliques and boy band obsessions. It’s just bland and ‘done to death’. Moreover, it seems that someone needs to be fired for pandering to the lowest form of brain cell. Who in their right mind has made a show for children in which the main characters twerk? Yes. Twerk.

powerpuff girls twerking

The show is supposed to fill a gap in the market for ‘girl power’ but really with lines such as “she literally can’t even” it’s really sad that this show is supposed to be empowering. It seems that trying to make the show ‘cool’ and ‘relatable’ to modern children has gutted all the charm that made the show so popular, to begin with. I just hope that the creators of the remake endeavour to do better in the future, because as Bubbles says when reviewing beloved T.V. shows:

mercy is for the weak


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  1. lizzilostintranslation says:

    oh my god. they can’t twerk, this is so wrong on so many levels!


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