The Body Shop: if it’s not broke don’t fix it 

The other day I got a promo code for the body shop which came with a free passionfruit moisturiser. Obviously, I rushed to get one, who wouldn’t, the body shop is gorgeous and expensive as hell! That’s why when I got into their site I was really disappointed. Everybody LOVES the Body Shop’s flower and fruit scented moisturisers so where the hell have they gone? Why is the Body Shop trying to sell me Hemp, Vitamin E, Argan Oil or Olive moisturiser? I understand that they’re good for your skin, but the reason the moisturisers were originally so desirable was that they looked and smelled good enough to eat. These new ones are frankly dull and uninspiring and they smell really weird!

I want nice looking skin but I don’t want to smell like a foot! The Body Shop is a big brand, it’s got a great ethic, it’s got great products and beautiful advertising but whoever is making these needs to stop, or at least package them differently! What happened to the peach moisturiser!? It was so lovely and smelled exactly like fresh peaches, it made me feel like throwing on a summer dress and skipping around a field. The Olive moisturiser, however, makes me feel like someone’s going to try and bite me at a tapas bar and it’s just not great. So as an open letter to The Body Shop please please please bring back some pretty floral and fruity smells, nobody wants to smell like hemp.

marlyn ew


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