Ugly Step-Sisters… Or Not

I see a lot of posts on the Internet “you know you have sisters when…” Or “only sisters will understand this…” But nobody seems to appreciate or celebrate the special relationships that girls have with their stepsisters. More and more blended families are coming together and increasing numbers of girls are being introduced as sisters and when it works, it’s definitely something to celebrate! I have two wonderful step-sisters, and it hasn’t always been easy (one of them went through a phase when she was 6 when she sang everything she thought about), but I couldn’t imagine life without them. It seems that ‘step-‘ is still a bit of a dirty word, but it shouldn’t be. Having biological sisters is wonderful but as they say, ‘blood is thicker than water’ and I think that when you accept someone as family who you have no prior affection for it is a really great thing.

Having step-sisters moreover, has some perks that having related sisters does not. If you have step-sisters with legs up to her neck like I do (while I am a full 5 foot nothing) they can’t borrow your clothes! Additionally, my green eyed dark haired baby sis can’t borrow my blue eyed, blonde haired I.D to go clubbing and have it confiscated by angry bouncers! Furthermore, unlike regular siblings, there is no sense of sibling rivalry! While my step-sisters bring home trophies for hockey, tennis, and netball I was more concerned at school in sneaking out for G&T’s and brunch and have no regrets! My step-sisters are gorgeous and wonderful and I think more people need to celebrate this form of sisterhood where you’re inherently different but love each other because of your differences and not in spite of them


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