Looking like your pup is ruff: When dogs look like their owners 

Each time I’m at the dog park and hear the words: “is that one yours?” My heart sinks. Nope, I don’t own the pretty little Pomeranian, the dainty Whippet or even the sleek Weimaraner. My dog is the one manically diving head first into puddles, peeing on everything and picking up rubbish. I have to meekly smile and nod to the stranger as my dog leaps up into my arms, splatters me in muck and licks me full in the face. The worst part of having a naughty dog? He’s my dogpelgänger (excuse the pun)

Curly golden hair, petite and smiley. No, it’s not a description of me, it’s a description of my 2-year-old Cockapoo, Alfie. It’s a well known saying that ‘dogs look like their owners’ but recently it’s been proven to be true. Japanese psychologist Sadahiko Nakajima, in an experiment in 2009, found that people were able to match owners with their pets at a much higher rate than chance. So unfortunately for me and everyone else with a misbehaving dog, everyone knows exactly who they belong to.

There is, however, an upside to looking like your pup. First and foremost: dogs are adorable and there is nothing wrong with that! Secondly, dogs are part of the family and if you’re going to look like all the rest of the ugly mugs you’re related to, you might as well look like your fluffy friend as well. Finally, you may not have the most graceful dog, the most beautiful or even the best behaved, but your own dog is always going to be your favourite, and if you’re going to look like your pooch anyway, you may as well rock it.



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