Why Polaroids are so popular 

In recent years Polaroid cameras and photos have become a must have, but in a world of great quality phone cameras why is this old fashioned and expensive form of photography so popular? I would argue that Polaroid photos are popular because they are so expensive. One pack of film costs around £10 which equates to £1 per photograph. I don’t know about anyone else, but it means that I personally only take one photo at a time and I make that picture really count. To me, the moment the picture is printed it becomes a sacred treasure: it can never be edited, can never be replicated and is totally unique. I love them and get so attached to them that I keep them in their own little box.

I got my own Polaroid camera on my 21st birthday from my best friends and burst into tears as soon as I realised what it was. Not only is the film extremely expensive, but the cameras are too. In a world where everything is so easy and comes so instantly, the inherent value of these cameras and the pictures they produce is that they are not easy to use and because of this, they have an inherent depth and value that an iPhone simply can’t replicate



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