22 going on 12: issues when you have a baby face 

A few weeks ago my parents had guests over for drinks, and I mingled a bit as I waited for my boyfriend to pick me up. After a little while, my dad gave me a peck on the cheek and the woman stood next to him exclaimed with shock “Oh…YOU’RE Simon’s daughter”. She explained that she thought I was a friend of my step-sister. To clarify, my stepsister is 16 while I am going on 22.

Of course, I know the drill, smile and laugh off their embarrassment as you explain, “don’t worry, yes I do have a baby face”. Of course, she is not the first person to assume I am much younger than I am, lots of people have commented on my baby face. One of the most interesting occurred when I was 19 when a gentleman at a bar leant in and asked: “but sweetheart, shouldn’t you be at home watching the lion king or summin?”. As a twenty-something, trying to be an adult, there is nothing worse than being patronised or being called “kiddo” and it can get extremely irritating.

There is, however, some perks to looking like a ‘wee babby’. Though I may look like a child, children are not typically wrinkly and hopefully, this will prove true in the future when all the more ‘womanly’ girls my age look like prunes. Additionally, us baby-facers have the upper hand when it comes to travel, I’m going to attempt to stretch my 16-25 student railcard out well into my thirties. Moreover, kids eat free at Pizza Hut so we have cheap dates set up for us for many years to come.

Either way, whether you love it or you hate it when you’re young, when it comes down to it, a baby face may be more of a blessing than a curse, so you may as well learn to love it and love to rock it.


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