How to eat Chia seeds when you hate them

Chia seeds seem to be the flavour of the month at the moment and I eat them all the time, but I have to admit when I first tried them I thought I was going to die. Chia seeds are not so much an acquired taste, but an acquired texture. To begin with, you’re just going to have to suck it up and keep on at it, until you learn to love the frogs spawn that is chia seed pudding. Having said that, however, hopefully, I can give you some tips to make the seeds more palatable.
The first thing you need to know about chia seeds is that they take on the flavour of whatever you put them with. The easiest way to eat chia seeds is just to throw a handful in your porridge in the morning, you can’t even tell that they’re there and they add protein, calcium and fibre to your breakfast. Once you begin to get used to the seeds you can move on to chia seed pudding and to start I would recommend coconut milk and mango.


Using 100% coconut milk gives the pudding a rich and creamy texture but it can be quite heavy so I usually use Alpro Coconut milk in a carton, which is actually a combination of coconut and rice milk. A little honey and vanilla, some coconut milk and chia seeds left for a few hours to expand make a great pudding and the addition of mango chunks and berries (fresh or frozen) makes it really nice. You want a fruit to pudding ratio which equates to one piece of fruit per tablespoon or it can feel a bit slimy.
Once you fall in love with coconut pudding you can move up to chocolate. Chocolate pudding is made exactly the same way as coconut but with the addition of organic cacao powder- although you can substitute coconut milk for ordinary dairy. You can eat chocolate pudding with strawberries or fruit pieces but it is not a necessity as the cacao is rich enough to carry itself and is really great to kill chocolate cravings.

At the end of the day, chia seeds are an acquired taste and if you don’t like them you may never, but hopefully this article will reform some chia seed haters and give you a pudding filled health boost along the way


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