Studio Ghibli: Not just for Anime lovers

I have to admit, I am not really an anime lover. I was never into Pokemon or Dragon Ball Z as a child and I haven’t really watched any anime or read any manga as an adult. There is an exception however, I completely adore anything by Studio Ghibli. I am sure that a lot of different anime T.V. shows and movies are incredibly beautiful, but Studio Ghibli really is a feast for the eyes. Every single frame has vibrant colours and yet has such a softness and an attention to detail which is just breathtaking.

my neighbour totoro

Every moment of the films is a piece of art, it’s just so completely beautiful. Additionally, many of the films explore ideas of mythology or Japanese legend (real or imagined) and cover such varied topics as the battle between the spirits of nature and the humans of medieval Japan in Princess Mononoke, a young orphan girl connecting with the ghost of her late grandmother in When Marnie Was There and Arrietty an interpretation of Mary Norton’s The Borrowers. Studio Ghibli mixes moments of fun and lightheartedness with serious themes which the usually strong female leads have to overcome, such as the plain-jane Sophie in Howls Moving Castle who finds love and purpose through strength and kindness. Moreover, Studio Ghibli films all have an overriding moral throughout, whether it is the importance of family in My Neighbour Totoro or the significance of Chihiro’s determination and courage in Spirited Away. The stories moral is not, however, delivered in a preachy manner and is incredibly refreshing and down to earth.

little floof

I urge anyone who is tired of Hollywood and is looking for something new, to give Studio Ghibli a try. The films are incredibly uplifting and heartbreakingly charming and I can definitely recommend any or all of them, a list of the films can be found here:

howls moving castle


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  1. Rist says:

    I also love studio gibli film, it is wonderfull.


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