Restaurant Review – Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party or BTP as it’s sometimes known is an independent British café chain that has no less than three cafés open in my home city of Bristol. It has quickly become one of my favourite places to find breakfast. Although the cafés in Clifton Village and on White Ladies Road are lovely my favourite, is the one on Park Street. From the street, it looks like any old cafe but inside the miss-mash of wooden chairs and tables, the cakes piled high and the secret garden in the back make it totally charming. In my experience, the staff are usually friendly and helpful and although the food is a little on the expensive side it is well worth the money, I admit I am a creature of habit and I almost always order the exact same thing.



Introducing the BTP Eggy Bread with avocado, roasted tomatoes and bacon. It may seem like a strange combo but served with good olive oil and Tabasco it is a breakfast made in heaven. Served with a strong coffee in winter or one of their delicious cold fruit tea drinks in summer. I order this dish year round and have done for years. I love it and I recommend it to anyone looking for a slap up breakfast.


Additionally, BTP Park Street is a really great place just to stop and have a coffee. It is a perfect Bristol location, you can perch by the coffee counter and look out onto Park Street, or hide away upstairs and admire the local artwork that adorns every wall. If you truly want to escape the garden out in the back makes you forget you’re even in the city, and its the perfect place to take an hour or so out and just catch up with an old friend.



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