Clifton Village- A Travellers Guide

So I wrote a blog post a little while ago called Beautiful Bangkok- A Travellers Guide and after my friends and I got together over the New Year, I decided to write one on my home area of Clifton in the City of Bristol. Bristol is one of the larger cities in the UK, it is positioned in the South West and is about a 2-hour drive west of London. It is home to 2 major universities and has an ever growing population or artists and creative thinkers and that is why I think it’s one of the best cities to live in and to visit in the UK.

In my opinion, Bristol has some of the best independent shops and restaurants in the UK and one of my favourites is The Primrose Café, it is a little expensive but the atmosphere and the quality of the food are well worth it. It is situated in the Clifton Village area of Bristol which is one of the most beautiful areas of the city, it is made up of Edwardian sandstone buildings and has many little boutique shops selling everything from handmade cakes to jewellery and clothing.

Primrose Café

Near to Clifton Village is the Clifton Suspension Bridge, one of Bristol’s most famous monuments. You can either walk or drive over the bridge but be warned if you’re afraid of heights it does move slightly on windy days. If you don’t want to cross the bridge you can walk passed it, up and around to the observatory, a grassy park nick-named after the observatory which is positioned there, where many people walk their dogs and you can find beautiful views into the Avon Gorge.


From there, you can make your way to College Road which is home to the historic and beautiful Clifton College where the D-day landings were planned by Churchill’s War Cabinet. Be aware though, Clifton College is still an active school and if you enter the grounds without express permission you will be asked to leave. When I was there, I witnessed many a confused American tourist who had wandered in with the mistaken belief it was a government building or some sort of church being quickly ushered out.


Almost immediately next to the school is Bristol Zoo. Normally, I am against zoo’s and I am against  Bristol Zoo keeping lions and other high- intelligence animals who need mental stimulation and a large amount of space. However many of the attractions at Bristol Zoo contain animals of lower intelligence who need conservation efforts so survive such as amphibians, the animals in the aquarium, the insect house etc. Additionally, the Zoo has a proven track record of breeding Western Lowland Gorillas who are critically endangered. If you are going to visit the gorillas, I would ask you to remain quiet, not to use flash photography and to avoid eye contact with the animals.


If you are in or around the Bristol area, I would recommend a day-trip to Clifton at any time of year, it really is a little gem in a big city.



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