Tutorial-How to build a Pinterest

Pinterest is one of my favourite forms of social media and last summer I had the opportunity to build a one for a fantastic designer furniture platform, Eporta, so I decided it was about time to make a tutorial to help others build a Pinterest for their own growing businesses in 3 easy steps.

  1. The first and most important thing you must consider when building a Pinterest is ‘what do you actually want to get out of it?’. When I was building the Eporta board they needed a platform where the products looked beautiful and could be used as inspiration by interior designer’s etc to pin to their own boards and pitch to clients. If you are not sure what Pinterest could do for your brand, sit down and really think about it, there is no point using valuable time in building a Pinterest if it isn’t actually going to be useful. industrial-retail-space-eporta
  2. Another important thing you must consider is “what are my boards going to be?” the trick is not to make them too big or too small. For example, if you sell greetings cards a ‘Birthday card’ board can quickly add up to hundreds of images and links that a possible customer probably would not want to trawl through. On the other hand, if you made a board called ‘Birthday Cards for men turning 30’ in all likelihood you would struggle to find more than 20 products to feature and would probably be a waste of time trying to accommodate a niche market.

When I set up the Eporta Pinterest we discussed what we believed interior designers wanted and settled on 4 main types of board- Colour, Material, Usage and Beauty. It might seem strange but here’s the thought process behind it-

At the time products on the Eporta platform were listed under “dining tables”, “office desks” etc but not under colour. That meant if an interior designer was looking to create a yellow theme interior, they would have to trawl through all the products listed under each category trying to find one that fit with his theme. By setting up the colour boards a designer could instantly look at the board to find inspiration, find the product they needed and have a link straight to the website. The same was true of the material boards, there were lots of products on Eporta, for example, that were marble accents but weren’t actually made of marble meaning a lot of them would not show up in a search. By using Pinterest we could showcase products that may have been missed by customers in the past.

The idea behind the ‘Usage’ theme was quite simple, multiple products have multiple uses. A chair, for example, could fit perfectly into an office space, a nursery or a bedroom simultaneously and we decided by having themes such as ‘Children’s Space’ it would be the best place to showcase products that wouldn’t necessarily first spring to mind. Additionally, the ‘Beauty’ theme was the most simple of them all- we simply thought of a category (my first was ‘Pendant Lights’) and showcased all the most beautiful images in one place.


3. Last but not least, your Pinterest will not thrive if you are missing one simple thing- photography. In order to have a good Pinterest site, it must be beautiful. The whole point of having a Pinterest is to express things visually so a possible customer may be enticed and click on the link attached to your image. If your pictures aren’t beautiful you simply won’t drum up any interest. I would suggest getting in a professional photographer or if you can’t afford to try to enlist the help of a friend who has an eye for photography or the help of a recent graduate or intern looking to add to their resumé.


If you are in the industry- if you design and sell designer furniture or alternately you are an interior designer or architect etc Eporta is a platform that showcases the work of hundreds of designer furniture brands both large and small and is a one-stop shop for those in the industry to view and order anything they are looking for their next project.

The Eporta Pinterest his here: Eporta Pinterest 

Or alternatively, my personal Pinterest is here: My Pinterest 


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