Tutorial-How to sort out a hopeless wardrobe on a budget

A little while ago, I came across a book called ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’Sounds crazy right? But as I flicked through the pages, it had a  comment that caught my eye. I don’t remember it verbatim but it went along these lines- The appearance your outwards surroundings has affects the way you feel inside. It gave the example of waking up every day and looking into your untidy wardrobe and thinking ‘ugh I have to sort this out’ every day as well, starting your day off negatively.

With this in mind, I decided it was finally time to sort out my hopeless wardrobe and I thought I would share it with you.

The first and most obvious step is also one of the easiest – throw tonnes of stuff out.

I know it can be difficult debating what to keep and what not to keep, but I always use the same method. If I haven’t worn or used an item in 6 months I put it in one pile and everything else in another. Once I have my two piles sorted I then go back to the ‘haven’t worn’ pile and go through it again splitting it into two more piles- this is because I live in England, the weather is seasonal and the reason I haven’t worn something may depend on the weather rather than its usefulness in the future. However, you have to be ruthless, If you have duplicates or things you are hoarding for sentimentality it is time to say goodbye. One positive of this departure is that anything that is still good quality you can re-sell on eBay to fund the rest of your wardrobe makeover.

This is the result of my clear out, please note I removed one of the clothes rails on the left side of the wardrobe and put in a cheap Ikea Billy Bookcase in. They usually cost around £45 but I got mine for free second hand.

Step 1- Clear out

This takes us onto stage 2, storage.

This is actually the best time of year for getting pretty storage, Paperchase is selling its leftover Christmas boxes for much cheaper than usual. A downside to this is that you do run the risk of getting slightly Christmas themed storage but I managed to get ones that aren’t overly festive.  Additionally, Ikea also sells cheap boxes and baskets and I used some old coffee jars as storage as well. All of the boxes only cost me around £25 and make the wardrobe much more attractive and organised.

Step 2-Storage

Step 3 is to dress and fill the wardrobe with all your stuff.

The easiest way I found to do this was to treat it like a small room, anything not so attractive can be put into pretty boxes, and anything that is pretty can be displayed. For example, candles, pretty jars bath bombs, tea lights etc. The best way of keeping track of your stuff is to box them together or to label the boxes. You can just see in the picture below that the basket with my camera in is labelled, I used a small heart-shaped chalkboard tag for this as it is easy to re-use and re-write on the chalkboard. As I have quite messy handwriting I chose not to label the majority of my boxes but if your calligraphy good it can look really pretty.

Step 3- Dressing

Step 4 is to come up with some clever storage solutions for things that are difficult to organise and display in a practical manner, for me, sunglasses were things that were always impractical to store but something I wear a lot. To do this I just got a flat coat-hanger and hung up the glasses in a row, I added a pretty heart decoration and hung it on the door using a command hook so the wood wouldn’t be damaged. A whole pack on eBay costs less than £5.00.


The final step, step 5,  is a weird one but necessary none-the-less. I always want my clothes to smell nice so I generally get a small dish and fill it with baking powder and add a few drops of essential oils, all you do after that is to park the dish on the shelf and leave it, it will retain the smell for months and keep your clothes nice and fresh.

Any essential oils will do, but I always like to use The Body Shop ‘home fragrance’ oils, they come in tonnes of different varieties such as Pomegranate and Raspberry and Jasmine & White Frangipani and you can change them up with the seasons. They’re also not that expensive and since you only need a few drops they last for ages, the one I’m currently using, since its the winter season, is the Spiced Apple.


And voila, there you have it, your fully made-over wardrobe for less than £100.



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