Stokes Croft- an Unlikely Travel Destination for Art Lovers

Stokes Croft is known to be a rough are of Bristol with a history of crime and riots, but I would argue that it is the beating artistic heart of Bristol. Bristol is already a centre for culture and art, but Stokes Croft is where Bristol’s artistic credentials really shine, you just can’t escape it, every wall and surface that could be painted on is painted on.



The reason I like the art in Stokes Croft is that it isn’t just teenagers tagging their names on every surface, most of the art has a political meaning behind it. It’s not mindless, it is intelligent and well thought out self-expression in its rawest form. This kind of art is not meant for snooty art critics sipping prosecco, it is for everyone all of the time and there is something commendable about it.



One of the best things about the art is that it is not all in one place, it isn’t hung on gallery walls so you can go on an art treasure hunt through the streets and discover it for yourself. You never know what you’ll find and it changes all the time as new artists come forward and decorate new spaces.

I definitely recommend a visit to Stokes Croft for anyone interested in art, not just street art, you never know what you may find.


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