Hack: What to buy the cat-lover in your life

So almost all of the women in my family are huge cat lovers and anything kitty-related always goes down well as presents. Additionally, as I’m a sucker for independent businesses and creative minds so I thought I would share with you my top picks for adorable presents for cat lovers.

1. I think this little pin badge is hilarious, anyone who has a cat can understand the exact idgaf attitudes they can have.


2. This set of pens is so cute it just brings out the child-about-to-start-school-again in me, I love the colours and I can help but want one myself.


3. Carrying on the stationary theme, these are literally the most adorable sticky notes I have ever seen and I want to collect them all.


4. I really love the minimalist style of this bracelet, it’s really sweet and who could resist this pun?


5. I’m a big fan of this wall art, it’s so funny and cute!


6. If you’re not afraid to wear your cat-love loud and proud then this is the perfect t-shirt for you, its so sweet.


7. If you’re a little more understated in your feline feelings, these earrings are perfect, their so dainty but perfectly capture why we love cats so much.


8. This mug is just so perfect and funny, it’s perfect for hot tea on cold rainy days snuggled up with guess who?


9. This kitty embroidery hoop art is so pretty and colourful, you could hang it on the wall as it is, or you could transfer it to a cushion or something il_570xn-1131584251_algg

10. Last but not least, this adorable cushion is so sweet, it even comes in many different types so you can get one that looks for your own kitty


note: This is my own handsome beastie, his name is Ron



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