Tutorial- How to create a proper (and pretty) vanity

So like a million girls, and boys, my age I have way too many bits-and-bobs cluttering up my sink area and it just gets worse. I decided to tidy things up a bit and since I already broadcast my wardrobe makeover, thought I’d share this one with you guys too.

This is the ‘before’ picture ugh…

1. First things first, I decided to clean the sink area as well as my makeup brushes and beauty blenders, usually, I do this by mixing a little coconut oil with warm water, facial cleanser and anti-bacterial soap.

2. Secondly, I decided to get a whole heap of much-needed storage. I used a basic mug for toothbrushes, toothpaste etc, and a ridiculously tiny milk jug that my mum bought for me for eyeliners, tweezers, lip pencils etc. For lip-balms and beauty blenders I used this adorable little ‘Japanese style’ bowl   I personally love this one because it reminds me of the sea, but they also come in multiple different patterns and colours such as green, orange and monochrome.


Additionally, I cleaned out a jam jar to store cotton pads clean, dry and out of the way. You can paint or decorate it how you like but I just left the label on and I think it looks pretty cute.


3. As I have no room to expand outwards I decided it would be better to expand upwards. First I bought a miniature glass-fronted cupboard from a charity shop, painted it and used some pretty paper to back it. I filled it with pretty nick-nacks that I don’t use much.


Additionally, I found a cheap cake stand from Wayfair and used it to display my perfumes, it looks pretty and it keeps them out of the way. On top of this, you can store small things underneath.


And voila, there you have it, an organised and pretty vanity.



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