Review- The HY Brasil, Music Club

The HY Brasil is a newly opened bar, restaurant and music club on Corn Street Bristol in the premises that used to be Start the Bus. No, I’m not misspelling the name, the club has nothing Brazilian about it, it’s actually named after a mythical ‘ghost island’ off the coast of Ireland.

Posted by ‘STBBristol’ on TripAdvisor Nov 2016

Usually, I’m not a huge fan of music clubs as they generally, in my experience, devolve into low-grade karaoke when the club fails to find decent artists. However, I have been pleasantly surprised by the HY Brasil. The Interior is very dark but it’s very well done- spacious and cosy at the same time and the food is really really good. When I went with my boyfriend I ordered their chicken burger and a side called a ‘Dirty Sanchez’ to share.

The burger was really delicious and the fried chicken was perfectly cooked, but the Dirty Sanchez really stole the show- it was awesome. A Dirty Sanchez is basically nachos but a little different, it is made up of a base of hash-brown pieces with corn chips layered on top and cheese sauce smothering it all. On top of this is some chilli sauce and jalapeños but somehow they are much sweeter than usual and really really delicious even if you don’t like spicy food.

Posted by ‘STBBristol’ on TripAdvisor Nov 2016

I highly recommend the HY Brasil for anyone looking for a chilled out dinner or lunch, it has a really nice relaxed atmosphere, the staff are nice and the food is really good.


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