Review- Urban Decay, Naked 3 Palette

I love makeup and despite the fact I’m not very good at using it I thought I would review one of my Christmas presents, an Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette.


I tend to go for a more natural eye look as I’m so blonde and this palette is perfect for this kind of look. Usually, due to my fair complexion, I have at-least one or two eyeshadows in each palette that I can’t really wear, but in this palette, they all seem to match my skin tone and are easily ‘blendable’ together.


The shades are all pretty warm and a few of them are quite sparkly so it’s quite versatile for day-to-night looks, and the brush is actually really nice to use for applying and for blending the eyeshadows.

Here are a few  images of me trying out several shades from the palette:


The top image is using the shade ‘Dust’, the one to the left is ‘Burnout’ and the image to the right is ‘Buzz’, all three are blended with ‘Strange’, all pictured below.


I like these all for both daytime and evening looks but I think the right-hand side of the palette (for me at least) are mostly for evening looks as they are darker and more shimmery.


In conclusion, I really love this palette, I like and will use pretty much every shade and I think it is very versatile and pretty, the colours are quite long lasting and I would definitely recommend the palette to anyone with my skin-tone who is struggling to find a suitable eyeshadow set to compliment their complexion.


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