Hack- What to buy the dog lover in your life

You guys seemed to like my ‘What to buy a cat lover’  blog post so I decided to write one for dog lovers too. I love both my dog and cat to bits but I have to admit that I’m more of a dog person and I absolutely want all of these.

1.This sausage dog print is so cute, it would brighten up any room.


2. This little bowtie is so so adorable to add on to your puppies collar. It would probably last about 5 minutes on Alfie’s collar before it was covered in mud but would be so sweet to attach for a special occasion.


3. This is the cutest box of dog biscuits I have ever seen! They look just like Jammie Dodgers!


4. If you don’t actually have your own dog then this teeny tiny felt doggo is the perfect solution! He even has a little bed!


5. This cute little cushion is perfect for any room and is handmade in the UK!


6. This patch is hilarious and adds a little colour and humour to anything you want to stick it on!


7. This little badge is so cute and silly, it lets you wear your puppy love right on your sleeve.


8. This art print features a little French Bulldog with some French calligraphy saying ‘hello my friend’, it’s so muted and charming.


9. This dainty little necklace is so sweet and understated, I think it’s so pretty


10.This T-Shirt is so funny, anyone with a pug will love it. I myself am always a fan of a pug’s little ‘Tickly Tum’


This is my own lil doggo, his name is Alfie and I love him to bits!



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