Tutorial- How to save money

Seems strange but I’ve found I have an affinity for saving my pennies, I have a large family and it probably became a necessity to buy everyone presents at Christmas. I decided to share my little tricks with you guys in the hopes it helps. Not only has saving allowed be to travel extensively in the past but  I’m currently living on my rainy-day fund and I’m so glad that I saved beforehand so I could actually try to pursue the carrier I want (unpaid internships are the worst).

Firstly, your new best friend should be your coin jar.

I always re-use one of those huge empty coffee jars and just fill them whenever I come home with change. There must be a weird psychological thing about it too because I have definitely noticed that when I don’t have a coin jar I never have any change. The reason why? I spend it on things I don’t need! If I have some coins in my wallet I will buy that coffee, that cupcake or even a packet of stickers- I have no self-control. Literally, if I have a £10 note I don’t want to spend it but if I have £10 in coins it will just slip through my fingers. I don’t even know why. Using a coin jar definitely, comes into its own when you work in a bar. I used to just stick all the tips I got straight into the jar and not even count it (so I wouldn’t be tempted)  and one year I managed to save up £600 from just coins!

Secondly, go on cheap dates (this includes friend dates).

Let’s be honest, we go out to interact with people not necessarily because we feel the need to go to restaurants or spend loads of money on activities. Some of my best memories with my friends are dates where we didn’t spend any money on! We used to have these nights called Harry Potter and Fajita Nights where, surprise surprise, they used to come over to my house and we would cook fajitas together and watch the Harry Potter movies. If you’re all going out together, pre-drink at someone’s home and buy cheap wine (yes I know it’s gross), instead of going out for lunch just go out for a coffee its a million times cheaper and it’s still really nice to hang out.

Thirdly, a direct debit to your savings account is the way forward.

When I’m working I always try to put 1/4 of my earnings straight into my savings via direct debit. I get it, this isn’t always possible but even £10 a month is more than nothing and you’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up.

Plan spending in advance!

This is something my boyfriend is really really terrible at, he will leave present buying until the last minute and then spend tonnes on an over-priced gift and next day P&P. A much better way to do it is to take note of who’s birthdays are coming up and buy nice presents in the sale and spend less on P&P as you have longer for the gift to arrive. The same goes for any events you have lined up too, tickets for bands, trains and even holidays get more expensive the longer you leave it so plan in advance and you could really save a lot of money.

Finally, don’t tempt yourself!

I try to always be frugal when it comes to shopping so I don’t like to spend a lot of money on clothes. Rather than looking at all the beautiful clothes that are way out of my price range I only look at the sale section of online shops and I always just search ‘price hight to low’. On top of this, I would massively recommend shopping on one site that sells multiple brands you like and buy their shipping deal, they almost all have them. I personally use ASOS and pay £9:95 for free P&P for the next 12 months, last time I renewed it they informed me I saved £200 just on just post and packing. Paying a little to start is much better in the long term.


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