Clean Eating Raspberry Jam- Recipe

This is by far the easiest healthy recipe I have ever made or used, and actually tastes really good! It is also fairly cheap, you don’t have to use that many chia seeds and all the other ingredients are easily accessible at your local supermarket! To save money I always use frozen raspberries instead of fresh and it seems to work well either way, the frozen raspberries are a little less bitter than fresh so I guess it’s down to taste preferences whichever ones you use.



1) Firstly, if you’ve used frozen raspberries you need to let them defrost.


2) You need to mash the raspberries up so it’s just raspberry seeds and add the chia seeds


3) Add the vanilla essence and honey (or syrup) to taste.


4) Now you just need to leave it for the chia seeds to absorb the liquid from the raspberries!

The best way to eat the jam is on toast with peanut butter- this is my boyfriend eating it, he doesn’t know it’s healthy.



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