My top 10 Wanderlust destinations

I love to travel and I wanted to make a compilation of my top recommendations for beautiful and interesting places that I absolutely loved and would love you all to go and visit (in no particular order).


1) Surprise surprise, Bangkok is on the list! There is just something incredible about this vibrant city and I just can’t get enough!


2) Northern Australia is a must for outdoorsy types but even if you aren’t theres something in the air that just draws you outside into the sun and sea!


3) Barbados is an incredible combination of blue skies, sandy beaches, food and music that is just far too idyllic to miss.


4) Nepal is an all time favourite for me. If you want to experience the true meaning of ‘wild’ and really see what you can handle both mentally and physically this is the place to go and test your metal.


5) Cambodia stands alone in the richness of its archaeological heritage and its accessibility to travellers. Angkor Watt is one of the most magical places I’ve ever been and it should be on everyone’s travel wish list.


6) Zimbabwe is an incredibly beautiful and rugged place to visit, despite the political situation, the people are extremely friendly and kind and I would recommend it to anyone.


7)Washington DC is an amazing city full of life and culture. I would recommend the US capital to anyone looking for a long distance city break (despite the super-villain who has recently taken up residency there)


8) South Africa is so close to my heart, the wildlife is phenomenal and I’ve never seen so much sky in my life.


9) The Greek Islands are a great place to visit. There’s plenty to see and do and the crystal clear waters and near-constant sunshine are perfect for anyone searching to kick back and relax.


10) Finally, I may be biased but I highly recommend London to anyone travelling from inside and outside the UK.  It may be grey and rainy and the people may be (a bit) rude but London really is incredible and so worth a visit.


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  1. lizzilostintranslation says:

    do you want to go on anymore ridiculous holidays to make me even MORE jealous?

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  2. Haha I’m working on it!


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