Review- Emmeline Café

Emmeline is a very small café(ish) tucked away in Stokes Croft. I say café(ish) because it actually also sells plants, not just like a florist, but like its own strange little jungle. This small unassuming shop is fit-to-bust with miniature cacti and succulents. If you can put it in a terrarium, they got it.


As you can just about make out, you can buy any of the miniature plants for £2:50 and 3 of them for £6, the other plants range in price, but as far as I could see they were all under £10.

Displayed on a counter opposite the flowers are a selection of cakes, pastries and sandwiches which are all handmade and look absolutely delicious. In addition, they also make and serve smoothies of frozen banana, agave, almond milk and cacao, and juices from a selection of courgette, pear, kale, cucumber, ginger and spirulina.


I am yet to try any of the drinks and may be a little wary of courgette and spirulina, but I would be very excited to try them in the future. As I was on my lunch break from work, I just chose their blue cheese toasted sandwich with extra jalapeños to-go and it was awesome.


The bread they use is really delicious and they don’t scrimp on the fillings, it was toasted perfectly and although they’re a little pricier than I would like at £4:00, they are so worth getting for a treat and they’re no more expensive than your average Starbucks so I would definitely recommend getting one.

16996922_10211822819787689_835989572_n  I got a little over zealous and started munching on my sarnie before I remembered that I should take a picture! It had perfect ‘crispiness-to-moistness’ ratio and the blue cheese, rocket and chilli filling worked really well.

Aside from the nice atmosphere and good food, my favourite thing about this little café was their nice attitude, you can about just make out the paper sign in the picture below but it states “hats, scarves and gloves free if you need- please leave items if you have spare” and there was an enormous sack of warm clothing for the homeless. It doesn’t take a lot to be kind but businesses seldom are and I really appreciate this gesture.

I would definitely recommend anyone to visit this lovely little café, it’s an all round little gem and it has a really nice vibe.



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  1. lizzilostintranslation says:

    my god take me here, it looks just TOO cute!


    1. Yes! It’s just near my work!


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