How To Pack For A City Break -19 outfits 1 carry on 

On the weekend I visited two of my wonderful best friends to celebrate their birthday in London (they’re twins). Sometimes it can be hard to decide what/ and how to pack especially if you’re not 100% sure what your plans are and my faith in the Great British weather is tenuous at best so being prepared for all weather is a must.

This is everything I’m packing for the weekend into the small bag in the corner.

  1.  PJ’s
  2. Light jumper
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Strapless bra
  5. Normal bra
  6. Day clothes
  7. Evening clothes
  8. Extra shoes
  9. Makeup/toothbrush etc bag
  10. Undies (the pink bag)
  11. 2 dresses
  12. Warm jumper

My ‘day clothes’ include 2 black leotards, black jeans, and 2 black skirts- one mini button down and one midi body com. (Yes I realise I have a mostly black wardrobe but there is a method to my madness)

My evening clothes consist of; 2 more black leotards and a monochrome crop top. All of my clothes can be mixed and matched together so this makes up about 15 possible outfit combinations excluding the 2 dresses and 2 jumpers I’ve also packed. I told you there was a method to the madness!

I admit 19 possible outfit choices for a weekend away is a little crazy but there is nothing worse than wearing an outfit that you feel uncomfortable in when you’re trying to enjoy yourself and I promise it will all fit into one tiny bag!

You need to start with your shoes and cosmetics bag- you don’t want to get mud from your shoes on your stuff and ensuring your cosmetic bag is at the bottom means that if anything breaks open hopefully it won’t leak onto your clothes. Stuff your socks and tights/pantyhose into your shoes.

Next, add your daytime and evening clothes, you’re bag is going to look pretty full but here’s when you get clever.


Lay your bras out flat, and ‘pop’ one cup inwards so they are each sticking in opposite directions. Fold the bra in half so that one cup sits inside the other and tuck the straps into it. Voila! Now you can stuff it down the side of your cosmetic bag knowing that it will keep its shape and it takes up hardly any space.

Next, it’s time to add your dresses, instead of folding them up, wrap them both together around your cosmetic bag. This maximises your available space and prevents them from creasing as much.

Next, add your pj’s, if you put them near the top you can find them easily if you arrive late at your destination and just want to flop into bed.

Finally, add your bulky jumper to the top and tuck the sleeves into the corners of your bag.

Voila! 19 outfits into a small carry-on bag! This is great for travelling around your own country but will also save you so much £ when you travel abroad as you have no baggage fees to pay!


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