UNIQLO Tate Late- February

UNIQLO Tate Late’s are special days when the Tate Modern is opened to the public after hours for a series exhibitions most of which are free to attend. This was my first time visiting this newly opened wing of the Tate and my first Tate Late evening and I absolutely loved it and wanted to share it with you guys.


I don’t really like to read about the artist and their interpretation of their own art. To me, art is supposed to mean different things to different people, sometimes I don’t even think it has to have a meaning, it can just be an experience. So I’m not going to write about the artists, just my favourite art in this expedition and my experiences of it.


This month was a celebration woman in art by taking inspiration from the pioneering contemporary female artists in the Tate’s collection. Women in art (not necessarily women artists, but women as subjects) is my favourite subject to explore, especially young children or elderly women, I have no idea why.


I had 2 favourite exhibits from the night. The first was an immersive art experience in which light and shadow, music and movement is used to augment perceptions of reality. You lie on the floor looking upwards at the ceiling as the experience goes on around you.  The only experience I can relate it back to is scuba-diving deep under the water and listening to whale song with no real perception of time or where the song is coming from. It was incredibly interesting and relaxing.

The exhibit as you experience it
The Exhibit from above

My other favourite experience was listening to a DJ play a series of ‘trippy’ sets of music while images and film footage was played on coloured screens in the background in shades of red and the occasional shades of green.


The room was full of people either just listening or dancing to the music and it was such a great experience, no one could take their eyes off the screens and the music isolated each one of us as we were enthralled by the art.

Once we had walked around the exhibits for a few hours, we headed to the bar upstairs for a drink, the view of the city was beautiful and experiencing the Tate after hours really was something special. It was a lot less crowded than usual and had quite a magical feel about it.


I’d definitely go again, and I hope that you will be inspired to visit as well, it’s free to attend and was really amazing. The next Tate Late is on the 31st of March 2017 and they continue each month until June.


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