Tutorial- How to Organise Your Cosmetics for under £70

I’ve already posted on how to organise your vanity and your wardrobe, so I decided to write about how to organise your makeup and other cosmetics in the easiest and cheapest way.

First things first, you’re going to need one of these bad boys:


It’s an Ikea RÅSKOG Trolley that costs around £50. I got mine second hand and they’ve discontinued them in blue now, but you can still buy them at Ikea in beige, reddish brown, and dark grey. I’m going to use the top shelf for makeup, middle shelf for nails, and the bottom shelf for hair. 

On top of this, you’re going to want to buy some makeup organisers off Amazon, one lipstick holder and one nail polish organiser. The lipstick holders are generally very cheap at around £2:00 while the nail varnish holders are a little more expensive at around £8:00. organise_vanity_makeup_beauty_beautyblogger_vanitytrolly_Ikeatrolly_makeuporganisation_budgetmakeover_makuponabudget_

The organisers are great because they maximise your space- you can stack up your eyeshadows sideways so they’re extremely easily accessible and you don’t have to pile them on top of each other.  Additionally, the lipstick holder can be used to house lipsticks (obviously) but also; mascara, eyeshadow sticks, miniature samples of primer, perfumes and face masks and lip balms.


Once you’ve done that, now it is time to add everything else, I used old Paperchase stationary organisers for my makeup brushes and toothbrush charger and recycled a glass yoghurt pot to store cotton buds

Once you’ve added it all in, the top shelf should look like this!


Next, move onto the middle shelf (the mermaid hair bag contains my nail varnish’s and I used a cute mug to hold my banana face mask, nail varnish pen and nail file).


All you need to do is add your stuff, starting with the tallest at the back and finishing with the flatter stuff at the front.


Finally, do the same thing with the bottom shelf with your hair products at the back of the shelf and the hairdryer and straighteners at the front next to your hairbrushes.


And voila! There you have it, all your cosmetics in one easy to reach place for under £70. The best thing is, the trolly is on wheels so you can move it around- nearer to the mirror or near a plug socket.




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