Review- L’eau à La Bouche

L’eau à La Bouche- meaning ‘mouth watering’ is a small restaurant and deli in Broadway Market, London specialising in authentic French cuisine.


Like most London restaurants, L’eau à La Bouche is a small venue with shared tables and benches as seating and there is always a crowd milling in and out to buy goods from the deli (which is only separated from the dining area by some shelving).


Venetia ordered the salad of the day with buckwheat while I ordered ‘The Meltdown’ sandwich stuffed with cheese, tomatoes and shallots.


Both meals were pretty nice, nothing really special but nice none-the-less. The bread of my sandwich was really good and the salad was a nice addition (usually I find the dressing takes away from the sandwich but this one was nice and simple).


The atmosphere of the restaurant is nice, the large windows allow you to watch people milling around, between the market stalls. However, it was a little too cramped and hectic; one lady with a baby struggled to just get a small buggy into the dining area. It isn’t the most relaxing place to eat.


The deli, however, is L’eau à La Bouche’s saviour. The crumbly French pastries, cured meats, olives, bottles of wine and wonderfully smelly French cheeses are matched with multi-coloured boxes and tins of al kinds of wonderful food including confit of duck, chocolate truffles and sugared bonbons.


I’m not sure that I’d return to L’eau à La Bouche to eat, but I definitely would recommend a trip to the deli for authentic French food and those hard-to-find ingredients.



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