Review- Shuang Shuang

This restaurant is fantastic! Ok, so I realise this is a little strange but I had a really great experience here!


If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can sit downstairs and cook your own ramen with ingredients going round on a little conveyor belt, which looks really cool.


If you’re a little more conservative/ completely terrified of f**king it up, there’s also an upstairs space which is a normal restaurant.



I ordered the Tobanjan Ramen, made with pork bone broth, house special chilli paste, pork chasu, wood ear mushroom, bamboo shoots and spring onion. (Pictured below) It was really delicious and filling and I can’t fault it.


Venetia, a vegetarian, ordered the Tofu Miso Ramen made with Miso Kombu Broth, marinated tofu, sweet corn, wood ear mushrooms and spring onions. She said it was fantastic and look how beautiful and silky that tofu looks!


Could it get any better? yes! Free dumplings! I’m not 100% sure why we were given them but these little pork dumplings were really delicious.


For pudding, we got a matcha mochi (green tea ice cream dumpling thingy) and even though they’re quite small one was more than enough for the both of us, really rich and creamy and very satisfying.


The staff were really kind and polite, the food was great and the atmosphere was modern and relaxing. It was a really nice meal out and give it 10/10.


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