GLAMGLOW Supermud £5 dupe?

My all time favourite face mask is the GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment Mask, obviously, because it’s fantastic, you can really feel it working on your skin and after using it just once my skin is always noticeably softer, smoother and much less oily. There is one teeny weeny issue, however. GLAMGLOW is crazy expensive. Even the smallest pot isn’t really in my budget, it costs £14 for 15g of mud; this works out at around £93 for 100g! The mask has featured on my Christmas and birthday lists for the last 3 years but I just can’t justify buying it for myself no matter how much I swear by it.

However, there may be a glimmer of hope on the horizon. The L’Oreal Detox & Brighten pure clay mask recently hit the shelves in Boots and word has it that the two products are pretty much interchangeable. The big difference? The L’Oreal mask retails for around £5 for 50ml- i.e. £12 per 100g rather than 93! That is a BIG price difference and honestly sounds too good to be true.

I put L’Oreal to the test and here are the results:

Fist things first, obviously the products are very similar colours but there is a noticeable difference between them, the L’Oreal mask is much less gritty that the GLAMGLOW (is this a good thing!? no idea) and although they smell very similar there has definitely been something added to the L’Oreal mask to make it more perfumed.

When I put it on I was quite disappointed, it goes on easily but I just couldn’t feel anything working like you do when you wear the GLAMGLOW, it just felt like I had wet mud on my face. Which I guess is exactly what it is.

After 5 minutes, however, my face feels like Te Fiti from Moana. I have transformed into a lava goddess and my skin is as hard as a rock. I can barely open my mouth. It’s not tingling as much as the GLAMGLOW does but something is definitely happening and it looks almost the same now.

After 10 minutes I’m still not blown away by the feeling, it just doesn’t feel like its as potent as the GLAMGLOW, it does, however, look almost identical and I can feel something happening.

I won’t share with you the washing off process, both masks cling on tight and being the unglamorous get-it-all-in-my-hairline-and-eyebrows type I just find it easier to hop in the shower. Once I’ve got it off I’m actually really surprised. My skin is a little pink but its baby soft and smooth, it’s very matte and it feels fresh and clean. I don’t think that this mask is as potent as the GLAMGLOW but it does seem to have the same (or very similar) results!

Will I give up GLAMGLOW having been converted to L’Oreal? I think so! It’s really good and I’m surprised how well it worked- with such similar results as the GLAMGLOW at a fraction of the price I think you’d be mad not to buy it!


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