5 Podcasts to listen to if you love Criminal

Podcasts are the best, I listen to then everyday when I wake up for work as my brain is too frazzled for music, they are also my favourite thing to have on a plane, train or bus when travelling and for some weird reason my little brain is obsessed with crime and murders. Not because I want to kill anybody, I just think it’s fascinating. The Podcast I first became obsessed with is Criminal by the amazing Phoebe Judge and I was so bummed when I caught up with all the episodes and couldn’t binge listen anymore! Here is a list of really great podcasts of all kinds (and budgets) which crime obsessors like me can sink our teeth into!

1. Casefile True Crime and They Walk Among Us- UK True Crime 

Is it a cheat to start with two? I’m not even sorry, these two are great podcasts. They are fairly similar in the sense they both explain, step-by-step, what happened in some horrible crimes. They are both well researched and interesting, Casefile discusses crimes from all over, while They Walk Among Us obviously just focusses on UK crime. At first it took me a while to get into Casefile because the host is Australian and it always threw me to hear an Aussie discussing something so serious but I really do love and appreciate it now!

3.Serial Killers  with Greg Polcyn & Vanessa Richardson

Equally interesting and gory Serial Killers is so cool because it discusses people I’ve never even heard of, such as the Axeman of New Orleans but also because it goes into such detail on each psycho, two episodes per killer means that you get all the spooky details of the crimes.


4. Someone Knows Something  with by David Ridgen

I’m not going into too much detail about this because I don’t want to ruin this for anyone but this podcast is equal parts fascinating and heartbreaking. David hosts/narrates the podcast masterfully, he’s so genuine and it feels so raw. I’m a cold hearted bitch but I would be lying if I said this podcast didn’t make me well-up.


5. Unsolved Murders with Carter Roy & Wendy Mackenzie

If you can get past the slightly ‘corny American drama’ edge to this podcast it’s actually really interesting, it gives me the creeps that these crazy people have never been caught!


6. My Favourite Murder by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

This freeking podcast is my all time favourite, it’s not for everyone, it’s basically these to fantastic ladies talking about murders and they’re both super anxious and crazy and smart and fantastic and HILARIOUS. Definitely not as well researched or accurate as other podcasts but it has all the best ingredients for people who get super wound up and excited/horrified about murder. Imagine you’re at a sleepover with your hilarious best friends and get into a really crazy conversation about murder- that is the podcast. Massively recommend this one to anyone and everyone, just give it a go you won’t be sorry!

I doubt the ladies will see this but if you do, big love to Elvis the cat; he is a sweet baby angel!

– stay sexy don’t get murdered-



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