Best Beauty Products for Backpacking

Beauty might be the last thing you think about while going on an adventure but it’s not all climbing mountains and swimming in the sea; a lot of backpacking is going to bars and restaurants with new friends! Here are the best products for travelling that I take every time:


First things first, let’s start with a cheat hehe! I’m blonde as blonde can be and my eyelashes are barely visible and go near white in the sun, it just doesn’t work wearing mascara all the time especially if you’re going be in the sea a lot. A day before I go I always dye my eyelashes so I just don’t have to think about mascara at all during the day. Dylash is a bit expensive but it’s the easiest thing in the world to do and lasts for up to 8 weeks on me, I used it when I went to Australia scuba diving every day and it lasted really well.


The best eye products I’ve found are from the NARS Limited Edition Shadow Side mini kit, it comes with 3 shadow sticks in Nunavut, Surreal and Lucid Dream and a mini Black Moon Mascara. I sold Nunavut on eBay because I’m never going to wear a purple eyeshadow, but Surreal is the perfect shade for a nighttime look and Lucid Dream is perfect to dress up a daytime look. Because they are crème eyeshadow sticks, there is no danger of them smashing or getting powder all over your backpack like normal eyeshadows and as they’re all mini’s they’re easy to carry around anywhere even with no space!


It’s probably going to be hot where you’re going so sweating off your makeup is a real danger (yes I know it’s kind of gross) The best way of combatting this is to grab one of these Urban Decay eye primer samples, you get 4 mini packs (5-4 uses each), and they’re cased in cardboard so they’re lightweight and pretty hard to break open go again little possibility of leaking while being easy to fit in even the fullest bag! (Bonus that they’re so cheap)



The most important thing you 100% need to bring with you every time you travel is sunscreen! I recommend you bring a bigger bottle of whatever sunscreen you prefer but this Nivea mini bottle is one of the best inventions ever. I always use factor 50 on my face (and usually 30 on everywhere else) so having this mini that you can just pop in your handbag/beach bag/dry bag and continuously reapply to your face throughout the day is a must, it’s always useful to use on the rest of your body too especially if you feel your shoulders burning.


As you’re going to be absolutely hammering your skin with sun, sea, sweat and sunscreen I always take a mini micellar water to give my skin a really good clean at the end of the day so it can breathe during the night, it’s just a mini bottle so it’s pretty easy to transport and a zip lock bag ensures it’s not going to spill anywhere.


Again, your skin is going to get hammered and mine usually dries out pretty easily so I take the Benefit It’s Potent! eye-cream as a moisturiser, it’s tiny and easily portable but is thick enough to moisturise even the driest skin.


For a nighttime look, if you don’t want to use foundation (I hate using it) it’s good to just use a primer to give you a flawless and natural look, this Benefit Porefessional mini is just so easy to carry around and the screw cap and bendy plastic packaging means it’s not going to break open.


If you do want to use foundation, I use this Too Faced BB cream, it’s moisturising and has some SPF cover (not enough for daytime but fine for evenings). As BB cream is not as thick as a foundation it’s also really good because don’t forget your skin will be changing colour! You will be much more tanned than you were when you left so when you buy your BB cream buy it half a shade darker than you are now so you won’t have a white face and tanned skin while wearing it travelling (not a good look)


Last but not least, it’s always good to carry around some facial wipes. You can smush the pack in the bottom of your bag, they’re not going to leak or break open and they’re so easy to use when you’re on the move and you can’t use micellar water or simply if you want to refresh your skin, I always use them on planes, and night trains/buses.



You need to really take care of your lips, the skin is really sensitive and is easily burned! This Soltan Moisturising Suncare Stick with SPF30 is a really good purchase it’s only £4 so its cheap too. You just need to make sure that you don’t let sit in direct sunlight so it doesn’t melt.


To prevent your lips drying out too much and getting flakey there really is nothing better than Lush lip scrub, it works really well and is really easy to transport. This one is the Mint Julip but my favourite flavour is the bubblegum! There is one thing you have to be careful with though- they contain caster sugar so make sure you close the lid tightly and clean up spills thoroughly to prevent ants!



Bumble and Bumble thickening hairspray is great for giving your hair a lift even with the worst humidity, the bottle is really small and easy to pack and I would definitely recommend popping it in your bag.


Dry shampoo is an absolute must while travelling, it’s going to be cramped and sweaty and you need something between arriving at hostels to give your hair a helping hand. I don’t like travelling with aerosol cans so this petit dry shampoo is perfect and easy to use (plus it’s completely adorable)


Carrying around large shampoo and conditioner bottles around while travelling is a real pain, they’re so heavy and cumbersome and are liable to spill so the easiest way to overcome this is to replace a bottle of conditioner with packets of deep conditioner. They can be stuffed into any small space in a bag, they’re lightweight and they’re not going to spill. If you’re going to be doing a lot of swimming in the ocean they’re also great for giving your hair just a little bit more moisture than a normal conditioner and they help with frizz control in humidity!



Nobody wants to get malaria! Bug repellant is a must for tropical destinations, I absolutely hate using bug spray because it gets everywhere and I always manage to inhale it! I always buy the Jungle Formula mini roll-on instead, it’s less prone to leaking and lasts forever, it’s only 50ml so it’s easy to take in a carry-on too.


Having smothered yourself in sunscreen head to toe (probably mixing in chlorine and or salt water as well) your skin will definitely appreciate a good clean at the end of the day. I always use one of The Body Shop shower gels because they smell really good and last quite a long time.


It’s not only the skin on your face that will dry out quickly, invest in a good moisturiser to give your body a helping hand, the Soap and Glory Hand Food hand cream is a real life saver. It’s pretty cheap and small but it packs a punch and will have your skin smooth, moisturised and smelling great in no time.


Deodorant is an obvious necessity, the easiest one to bring along is a small roll on as you can smush it into your bag and it won’t break or dent easily.   This Sure roll on only costs £2 and is extra strong because its for athletics (good news for hot weather).



Seems strange but I always take a nail kit with me containing a pair of clippers, tweezers and an emery board. This is really useful if you get a painful hangnail but also if you get any splinters or simply need to keep your eyebrows in check. I don’t know where I got mine from but you can get a really cute flip flop one here.


Finally, last but not least, Sensodyne toothpaste is a good investment, you’re probably going to have lots of cold drinks, cocktails, slushies, ice-creams, and ice lolly’s and you don’t want to be caught out with sensitive teeth and not be able to enjoy yourself because of pain!


And there you have it guys! The best beauty products for dumping into a backpack and travelling around! Hope this helps, happy travels!


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  1. Charliestar says:

    Now i just need to go packbacking! Is that a UK dry shampoo? If so where do you get it? xoxo


    1. Yeah I got it in Topshop! It’s pretty cheap x

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