Why I’m voting Labour

Usually I don’t get political on this blog at all but with so much Corbin hate going on in mainstream media I thought I should try to level the playing field a little (a very very little) and try to educate people on Labours most important prospective policies- Firstly I’m not that interested in JC as a person I’m only interested in what his party can offer to me and my country, you know like politics should be rather than a mud-slinging match between two random people. Secondly please note I’m not going to trash the Conservatives because I think that’s a waste of time.

1.An end to unpaid internships– YESSSS!!!! Finally! internships will have to be paid ensuring the crazy concept that young workers actually deserve to get paid for their hard work…shocking as this may be it will allow young adults from families who can’t afford to work for free to actually get good jobs in the future.

2.Give 6 billion per year to the NHS– Only something we desperately need due to an ageing population and a crumbling system.

3. 8 billion (over 5 years) spent on social care– You know, like taking care of the elderly, mentally ill, young and vulnerable.

4. Raising taxes for the wealthy while for 95% of (normal salaried) workers there will be no tax increases at all- taking from the rich for the benefit of everyone… how awful.

5. Clampdown on firms exploiting self-employed workers

6. Longer paternity leave for new fathers and paternity pay-rise- Because a little thing called gender equality is important and because children need to bond with both their parents from birth.

7. The rip-off energy industry would be tackled head-on, with new publicly-owned firms set up in every region focused purely on cutting prices– Meaning that everyone stops getting ripped off by huge companies and their mega wealthy owners.

8. The current Tory sell-off of existing social housing will be suspended and 4,000 new homes for people with a history of rough sleeping, to help those worst affected as part of a new national plan to end homelessness-  We need social housing for vulnerable people has nobody else noticed the increasing numbers of homeless people on our streets?

9. Rent hikes will be capped at inflation and more secure three-year tenancies offered- wealthy landlords won’t be able to take advantage of normal, everyday people

10. Four million homes will be insulated and 0%-interest loans offered to homeowners to make energy efficiency improvements- To help to slow Global Warming and you know the end of the world

11. Support for community pubs is offered and a pledge to help end loneliness for older people in isolated areas- Is there anything more heartbreaking than an elderly person eating alone? It’s a public shame that is only going to increase.

12. Fracking for shale gas will be banned in a boost for communities who fear the impact on their local areas- To prevent the poisoning of local communities and the environment… we do not want another Flint Michigan in the UK…

13. Under the lock, the state pension will rise by at least 2.5% a year or be increased to keep pace with inflation or earnings, whichever is higher- So that people who worked hard their entire lives have enough money to actually have enough money to get along in their old age.

14. The set up of a National Education Service to offer everyone the chance to study for “cradle to grave.”

15. All primary school children in England will get free school meals.

16. There will be a properly funded system of free childcare for working mothers (and fathers) – Enabling parents to have more spending money and to enable single parents to go back to work.

17. The cap on teachers’ pay will be lifted and teachers will have more control of the national curriculum- Shocking that people who have dedicated their lives to education should have a say in you know… education…

18. Labour will also abolish university tuition fees and bring back maintenance grants for students– 50k of my student loan debt say that it’s too late for me but this is definitely a necessity

19. There will be a massive crackdown on shameless bosses who try to undercut wages with migrant workers or recruit workers exclusively from abroad.

The election is coming up soon guys, it’s your choice who you vote for in the end but these are the policies that I’m voting for. I’d rather vote for someone implementing social reforms than for someone who feels the need to re-open an expensive debate on fox hunting of all things which benefits nobody other than moneyed people with too much free time.



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