How to travel as a couple, 5 tips for adventuring with your partner

Going on holiday with your partner is so fun and exciting but more often than not jet lag, stressful travel and the bothersome heat can wear on even the strongest couple (myself and Kenzie included). Here are some things you can do to lessen the chances of bickering with your other half:

Before I go into anything guys arguing is healthy for yourself and for your relationship so if something is actually really bothering you it’s ok to express yourself and tell your partner. This is really only to avoid the ‘we both need some space from each other because we are both grumpy’ fights couples sometimes have. If you’re SO has hurt your feelings or upset or annoyed you in any way its a-ok to tell them so you can both move forward.


1) Even if you two are going to be on a romantic break together, the most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to be joined at the hip. Everyone needs their own personal space and everyone has their own interests that the other doesn’t necessarily share. You don’t have to go around as a pair all the time! I

love scuba diving and Kenzie is terrified of the ocean, Kenz loves to day-drink and people watch all day, I find it boring. When we go away, I book diving and do that all afternoon while he spends the day on the beach beer in hand, we meet up for dinner when I get back and chat about what we’ve been doing etc. It’s really fun and it allows us both to have our own space and do our own thing for a little while.



2) What if you arrive at your beautiful hotel and realise that one of you wants to head south while the other wants to go east? What do you do if there’s not enough time to do both? You’re going to argue. It’s definitely important to have a plan before you go. I’m not saying have a day-to-day itinerary but at least have an approximate knowledge of what you want to do and what your partner wants to do and how you’re going to do both, together.


3) Money Magazine polled 1,010 married couples and found that 70% argue about money more than chores, togetherness, sex and snoring. It’s so important to keep track of your finances while you’re travelling together! It breeds so much resentment if one partner feels like they’re footing the majority of the bill so you both have to keep track of hotel bills, flight costs and even restaurant cheques, travelling is expensive and it puts a damper on the whole thing if someone feels they’re getting a bum deal. It’s not a big deal, just be mindful of your partner’s feelings if they’ve paid a little more than you and it’s totally ok to tell this to your partner how you feel too. The Money Magazine poll is for married couples, people who have pledged their entire lives to one another still fight about money, it’s no reflection on you or you both as a couple.


4) Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or on your relationship. There can be so much pressure to be this ‘picture perfect’ Instagram travel couple and it’s just all a bit fake. Don’t feel that you have to project this image for anyone or feel like anyone expects you to be the perfect couple. It’s fine to enjoy the moment you’re in if you want to wake up at the crack of dawn to go to see the Taj Mahal then that’s great but if you want to cuddle up in bed and sleep ’till noon that’s fine too. Just try to live in the moment. It might sound silly but I think it’s a genuine millennial pressure to document everything and experience everything possible and it’s exhausting enough that I have to remind myself to just relax a bit while I’m away.


5) Last but not least, you need to be more responsible when you travel together. When you’re solo travelling you’re only responsible for yourself, when you travel with your family you know your safe with your parents but when you travel with your partner you need to be a little more responsible. If you’re a young couple like me and Kenz, chances are you won’t have the funds to bail each other out if you get into trouble, you both need to make an active effort to ensure you both have medical insurance, that your shots are up to date, that you have enough money to budget for everything, that your passports are up-to-date and that you can insure the value of your valuables. Leaving your partner high and dry because you’ve been dumb is definitely not ok!

I hope this helps guys! Happy travels love birds!




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