Creative Souvenirs- A travellers Guide

Whats up guys and girls? I swear that this isn’t some huge mess of junk, this is actually a treasured collection of memories. Most people collect something or other when they travel so I decided to share my crazy list of souvenirs with you for a little creative inspiration.


Lets start with an old favourite, postcards! I saw someone on Pinterest (sorry can’t remember who now) who would buy a postcard and then write a diary entry on each and then send them to their home address. It seems like a lovely idea but I am far too lazy for this and I’m just not going to waste my precious time in post offices! I always try to pick out the map-like ones, I’m not sure why but I just think they’re adorable. This one is evidently from Sanibel & Captiva Islands, Florida, USA.


Jewellery is always a fun thing to buy because every country has their own style, for example in India and Pakistan yellow gold is very fashionable. I got this leopard necklace as a present from a lovely Zimbabwean man because I gave a present to his elderly father. It’s handmade from wood and it’s one of my most precious possessions.


Another favourite is magnets, you can get one from almost every gift shop in every country! These ones are from Singapore, Italy and the USA.


This is my tiny Christ the Redeemer from Rio! Sometimes the best souvenirs are simply things made by locals, this little guy came from a tiny shop actually on the Selaron Steps.


Ticket stubs are always something good to hold onto, I keep them in a little tin but they’re also great for adding into scrapbooks or travel journal, another bonus to them is that they are free and really easy to travel with! These ones are from Cambodia, London and France.


It might be a strange one, but traditional children’s toys always make a lovely souvenir. This tiny porcelain elephant was bought for me by my dad in a market in Venice and I have treasured him ever since, I mean look at those eyelashes, he’s absolutely gorgeous.


Another fantastic souvenir is a local food! This is a sweets tin from France that I have held on to for years, it’s so pretty and I really think it just looks so French!

18575858_10212677431832456_1102893349_o You have to be a little bit careful with this one, but pressed flowers always make a lovely memory. You have to make sure you check the import laws of your home country if you want to bring them home and make sure you only press bought flowers, I don’t think anyone would miss a single daisy or some cherry blossom blown of a branch but it’s actually illegal in some countries to pick wildflowers (England included).


According to the Fifth Sense website “The sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses.” This means that perfumes are a great souvenir! If you buy a mini bottle at the airport and then wear it during your trip, every time you smell its scent you’ll be transported back to your travels.


I don’t know about you but I always end up with a pocketful of change when I leave a destination, you can make them into cute souvenirs by simply glueing a magnet to the back of each!

18575591_10212677433592500_541003542_o Candles are another scented souvenir that you can buy, they won’t smash like perfumes can either!


Trinket boxes are always a great buy, they’re just so cute and they vary from country to country. These two are from Egypt.


Another trinket box? Nope! This is actually a box of tea, a lot of countries have their own signature drink, English breakfast tea in the UK, Chai tea in India, green tea in Japan etc. The smell and taste of tea will invoke lovely memories of your travels, this little box contains hibiscus tea from Nepal.


Some of my favourite souvenirs are Polaroid photos, they’re by no means cheap but I just love them. If you don’t have a Polaroid camera you can always buy a disposable camera which can be just as charming.


Last but not least, beauty products often make a really fun souvenir. This little bottle is from France and it’s so cute. However, before you go out and use tonnes of products make sure you can read the label of what it is and how to use it!

Well, thats it guys, my entire list of souvenirs I buy when I go away! I hope you loved some of them as much as I do! Really anything can be a souvenir, whatever catches you eye and most reminds you of the places you’ve visited!


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  1. Really inventive post! The change idea sounds really cute💗🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I try to always do it but now I have so many coins and not enough space to put them 😅


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