Best products to survive long plane journeys

The longest plane journey I’ve ever been on is the 24-hour nightmare that takes you from London Heathrow to sunny Sydney- of course, it was hell but there are things you can do to make the journey more bearable!

Bring your phone charger- 

Most modern planes have a USB charging port in the T.V so it’s worth bringing your charger along, I find having low battery extremely stressful and it’s good to have a fully charged phone in case of emergencies; even better if you have an iPad to play on too.


Look after your skin-

Flying wreaks havoc on even the most perfect skin, a packet of facial wipes and a small bottle of moisturiser is a must. Aeroplanes are filthy places so the wipes can be used to clean your tray table when you sit down. Also, do yourself a favour and never look in the bathroom mirror on the plane -you will definitely look horrible. Simple cleansing wipes always keep my skin clean and IT’S POTENT Benefit eye cream is the perfect size to be carried in hand luggage.

Look after your tummy-

You need to keep up your energy levels so sometimes you have to force yourself to eat on planes (because of jet-lag and mixed up sleeping patterns you may not feel at all hungry). The best thing you can do is to avoid meat and candy and get something nutritious and easy to carry about like nákd bars (Bakewell Tart flavour is by far the best) or some Graze snack pots.


Hydrate yourself- 

Flying is incredibly dehydrating, every time the hostess offers just ask for water, coffee and soda won’t do you any good. If you’re going to be travelling around you may as well bring your own water bottle that you can clip onto your hand luggage. This one is from Kathmandu, the shop not the place, and it’s pretty unbreakable.

Bring your own eye mask-

I don’t travel anywhere without an eye mask, the plane will never be dark enough for me and you know there’s going to be some irritating person who insists that they need their reading light on while everyone else is trying to sleep (if you are the reading light person CUT IT OUT!) Basically it’s an extra level of comfort to help you sleep.


Get as comfy as you can

Girls who can wear a full face of makeup and a cute dress have superpowers, I just can’t do it. Comfy jeans/leggings, a t-shirt, a slouchy jumper and trainers are all you really need. You can buy this entire cute outfit from Topshop.


Bring an extra pair of socks

I always get freezing cold feet on planes and you can’t wear shoes when you’re on a long journey (your feet swell up 😬). Grab a pair of really comfy fluffy socks and I promise it’ll help you get some shut-eye.

Image result for fluffy socks

Bring your own headphones- 

Maybe I’m just picky but I always find that those big plane headphones hurt my ears after a few hours, by bringing your own comfy pair, you can make sure that you can get as relaxed as possible and avoid getting a headache.

Download some podcasts/audio books- 

I LOVE podcasts, they’re free and sometimes you just get tired of listening to music, it’s so much easier to drift off to sleep listening to someone talking. Most podcasts can be pretty short but they can be up to an hour and a half so they are perfect for long-haul flights once you decide to switch the screen off. Of course, I’m biased because I love these ladies but My Favourite Murder is one of the best podcasts around, it’s just so entertaining!

(For more ideas see 5 Podcasts to listen to if you love Criminal)


Choose your seat- 

Not really a product but it is a purchase- if you can, book your seat in advance! A window seat is perfect because you can lean on the side of the plane to go to sleep and you don’t have to get up every time someone on your row needs the bathroom. I get so much anxiety worrying that I’m going to fall asleep on a strangers shoulder it’s literally my worst nightmare.

✈️ I hope this is useful guys, long flights are a killer and hopefully, my advice can make it just a little more bearable ✈️


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