Shills Charcoal Peel Off Mask- Review

2 posts about charcoal products within 10 days? Hehe, I’m not even sorry. Charcoal skincare is in vogue and the most popular of all? Peel off skin masks, they are reported to be fantastic…and agonising.


I’m going to be reviewing SHILLS Original Peel Off Black Mask With Activated Charcoal and reporting back if it actually works, and how painful it actually is. SHILLS’ mask is pretty cheap compared to other brands at just £7.99 (and free shipping) so hopefully, it will actually come back with good results! 


Already we are off to a rough start. This is WAAAAY more gloopy and sticky than I envisioned. I started applying with a makeup brush (thank god it was a cheap one) but it just all got stuck in the brush so I had to revert to using my hands. 

It’s much more difficult to apply than I thought, I’ve managed to get it in my hair and in my eyebrow 😭


It’s also hard to actually get off, I had to use a scrubbing brush to get it off my hands and I managed to get it in my sink, on my bed sheets and on my T-shirt 😫

After about 10 minutes, the mask has begun to stiffen and its time to peel it off

Well, that was an ordeal and a half (and yes I cried). It literally pulled off every teeny tiny hair on my face. It would’ve been much more bearable if I hadn’t put it just below my eyes so I’m definitely not going to do that in future.

After all that complaining, however, I am going to recommend this mask! My face does look a bit red now but its the softest it has ever been and it feels very clean and matte. I ran an ice cube all over my skin to close the pores and it seems to have done the job nicely. As they say, guys, beauty is pain.




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