The cheapest Ikea hacks to furnish your first flat

If you’re like me you’re looking to rent your first flat pretty soon and it’s much cheaper, in the long run, to rent an unfurnished place. I’m sure you could find some pretty nice furniture at a good price by trawling through second-hand shops and yard sales but if you’re lazy, like me, a one-stop shop to Ikea is the only way forward. With this in mind, Ikea can be a total trap and you can end up spending way too much money on products that you don’t want or need. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of the cheapest Ikea products for your first flat.


The BFJELLSE Pine Bedframe is a standard double bed (no mattress) and is described as “Made of solid wood, which is a hardwearing and warm natural material.” It retails for just £59.



The RAST Chest of 3 drawers is your bog standard chest of draws and only costs £25.

chest of draws

Ok I know these are really boring and ugly but don’t you think they’re screaming out to be decorated? I’d love to paint them or doodle on them, you could always make your own stencil and spray paint them or even modge-podge some pretty paper on them.


The MARIUS stool makes a good bedside table, the stool comes in black, red or white and only costs £3. To be honest it might be worth buying and then finding a new top for.



For the window, the TUPPLUR Block-out roller blind only costs £7 and the LILL Net curtains only cost £5. The curtains can easily be cut to the length you need without needing to hem them, you could even make a bed hanging wth them. I think I would glue pompoms to them or maybe sequins.

It’s not really a ‘necessity’ but I need a mirror (hehe) the  LUNDAMO mirror is only £5.


The VUKU Wardrobe is really ugly but is by far the cheapest (a 3rd of the price) of the other wardrobes, it’s only £10 and it does get the job done. It has hooks for bags on the outside, and it might be cute to have a keyring on the zipper.


Obviously, no wardrobe is complete without coat hangers, a pack of 4 BAGIS hangers only costs 50p.


Again, ugly but cheap is the order of the day, the JÄLL Laundry bag with stand is only £1.95, it can be folded up, which makes the laundry bag simple to carry and put away. There’s no saving this one, its just plain ugly.


Last but not least, the TVÄRS Table Lamp is a small white light and only costs £2.75 and has an A+ energy rating. This might be cute to paint with glitter or maybe doodle on it to cast pretty shaddows.



Obviously, you shouldn’t need to buy any ‘furniture’ for the bathroom but you do need to buy bits and bobs.

The BADAREN bath mat costs £3.50, the HÄREN bath towel costs £3, and the NÄCKTEN guest towel costs a whopping 30p. You can upgrade the towels by sewing on some pompom trim!


The slightly unglamorous TACKAN Toilet brush only costs 39p and the ENUDDEN Mug costs 70p

Last but not least the INNAREN Shower curtain only costs £1.50

shower curtain


First things first- things to eat off. The OFTAST bowls are 50p each and the plates are 50p each too. The INLEDA stainless steel 16-piece cutlery set is £2.50, 6 REKO glasses cost £1. and the FÄRGRIK mug costs 50p each. 

The cheapest dining room set up you can get is the Table and 4 stools MELLTORP/MARIUS , it costs £47 for a table and 4 stools.


To clean up the BLASKA Dustpan and brush costs 85p, the TEKLA tea towel costs 50p each and the JÄLL drying rack costs £5 (the TORKIS Peg basket with 30 clothes pegs costs £2)

Sitting Room

I mean there’s no sitting room without sitting right? The KNOPPARP 2-seat sofa is a pretty hideous sofa but at £79 it’s definitely on the cheap side. The cover is easy to keep clean as it is removable and can be machine-washed.


At £21 the GERSBY bookcase is probably the most storage you’re going to get for so little.


To brighten up your new home, the BINTJE Plant pot only costs 40p, the STRÖMBY picture frame costs £3.50 and the TRÄDASTER cushion is £1

 And there you have it, all of these items cost just £401 together. I hope this helps guys,

🏡 happy flat hunting! 🏡


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