Minimalism for the makeup hoarder

Turns out that I have held onto makeup and beauty products like an absolute crazy woman. I love love love makeup but the crazy thing is…I almost never wear it. My look consisted of mascara and some concealer but I have an entire trolly of beauty products which I just don’t use. I have a love/hate relationship with my hoard, I dote over each beloved product but I hate having to constantly tidy it up and I hate the thought that it’s going out of date while I don’t actually use it. As I have already started my minimalist journey I think I was already in the right mindset to actually have a proper deep clean of everything and believe me it was actually much harder than I thought it was going to be.

Now does this mean that I suddenly had an epiphany and donated it to the charity shop? HELL NO. Sharing beauty products with strangers is not hygienic and because of this, charity shops will not resell anything out of its original packaging. There is no way that I’m going to throw away perfectly good makeup because A, it is terrible for the environment and B, because I probably paid a tonne of money for these things!

So how am I becoming a minimalist without throwing any of my cluttered beauty products away? Well, firstly I laid everything (and I mean everything) out on my bed and separated it into 2 camps; used/opened and unused/unopened.  I started with the used/opened pile and one by one made swatches of every single product. For some crazy reason, I had kept quite a lot of makeup that I didn’t like and didn’t suit me. Obviously, I was never going to use it. Luckily, my step sisters have very different coloring to me so I just gave a whole bunch to them. It was so weird it was like I had just held onto it for the sake of having it, I didn’t actually like it but I felt strangely guilty about letting it go.

Next, I moved onto the unused/unopened pile and listed everything on eBay. This was actually quite hard to do, I really wanted to keep it all, but I kept having to tell myself that if I really truly liked it I would have already used it. It just didn’t make sense to have makeup going off in my room that I would never make use of, and someone else would appreciate having and pay me for!

Surprisingly enough, by this point, I had seriously cut down on the number of beauty products I had (I mean I still have a lot but this is much less for me 😅) Now I had to be even more ruthless with myself. I got rid of all the multiple tools I had and all the tools I just knew I was too lazy to incorporate into my routine, all the duplicate hair brushes, makeup brushes, that eyelash curler I never bothered with etc it all had to go! Turns out I had  3 sets of tweezers, 2 of which were rubbish so why was I holding onto them?

Now minimalism isn’t about purging, it isn’t about parting with things you really like and want and just keeping the bare minimum it’s all about what you want and what you value. My makeup makes me feel pretty, it boosts my confidence and it lets me have some guilt free time to myself and I’m just not willing to give that up. The solution? I’m just gonna use it more. Now I’ve narrowed down my makeup to everything I  love and suits me I can just use up the stuff I have now. By the time I start to run out of, say highlighter, I’ll know that my favorite one is bla bla color from such and such brand and instead of buying a million variations of the same thing I can just replace it with one that I know I love. It’s pretty simple really and in the long run, I think it’ll up my makeup game because I’ll have all the best makeup for me.

By the end of my minimalist journey I want to have:

  • Two eyeshadow palettes (matte for day and shimmer for evening)
  • One eyeliner and mascara
  • One cleanser, toner, and moisturizer
  • A small bag of makeup brushes
  • One face mask (I like pots of mask, not just one packet)
  • One primer
  • One color corrector and one concealer
  • One setting spray
  • 2-4 different colored lippy’s (for day and for evening)
  • One salt spray for hair

Maybe I will have less, maybe I will have more but either way, I want to streamline my beauty products, hopefully, this will just help me to simplify my life a little more and I might even look better as it continues.

I don’t think I’ll ever be a person who isn’t interested in makeup, and by practicing my own version of minimalism I don’t think I will ever have to be. I hope this helped anyone who is thinking of starting a minimalist journey or even if you just need to do a little beauty clear out.


🌸Good luck with all your endeavors 🌸



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