Three golden rules to become a wardrobe minimalist

For years and years and yeeeaars I would try to clean out my wardrobe every 6-8 months or so and get rid of a very small bag of clothes and within a few weeks it would be totally full and unmanageable again and I would lose things in it constantly. Since starting my minimalist journey I decided that it was time to tackle the monster that is my wardrobe.

I decided I had to be ruthless so I set myself a list of rules:

  1. No copies of anything- I’m guilty of literally buying the same thing over and over again so I decided that if I had multiples of a very similar item, I would only keep my favorite
  2. Try everything on- I decided I had to try everything in my entire wardrobe on. If it didn’t fit anymore, had holes in, was too worn or too faded it had to go.
  3. Then and there– I decided that when I tried something on, if I wasn’t able to wear it properly then and there, it had to go. What do I mean by this? I’ll give you an example- a strapless, white summer dress. If I didn’t have a decent strapless bra and pair of nude knickers to pull off the look, I was never going to bother to wear it so it had to go. If I really liked it that much I would’ve gone out and bought a new bra and knickers to wear with it. To take it one step further, even if I did have the bra and knickers but they were just uncomfortable, annoying or just not great to wear, then the dress still had to go, why? Because I was just never going to wear it.

I started at rule number 1 because I think it’s the easiest. I took 5 plastic bags of clothes out right away.  For some reason, I hoarded clothes that were literally identical to each other in every way. Who needs 7 black mid- sleeve cowl neck crop tops? Not me. Not anymore. I literally got rid of everything that had a copy and I’m still shocked at the money I must’ve spent on stuff that I already had.

Next, I moved onto rule number 2, was it laborious? did it involve a tonne of folding and un folding and examining every damn thing I had? yeah, it did, BUUUT I got rid of another 3 bags of clothes that I had just been holding onto even though they just weren’t wearable anymore. I even had a winter coat that was so old, it was no longer waterproof and didn’t have a zip! I mean what is the point of that? I live in England it rains almost every day; when would I ever need a coat that doesn’t protect me from the rain or the cold!?

Finally, the hardest part…rule number 3, then and there. This was so incredibly difficult and I have to admit I couldn’t let go 100% and had to hang onto one or two things that I just couldn’t bear to be parted with. It was, however, very useful. I got rid of a further bag and a half of stuff that I legitimately would’ve never ever worn but I just bought because it was pretty or on sale.

Once I’d finished I did the same with my shoes but I admit I kept an old pair of UGGS (long story but I had a foot injury a few years ago and had to wear some hideous floral wellies in winter because I didn’t have UGG’s and couldn’t fit into regular shoes😫) I was surprised that I actually managed to get rid of another bagful of stuff from my wardrobe but this made 10 1/2 bags of clothes that I just didn’t need. It’s crazy but somehow I felt very refreshed by it. I don’t know what I was holding onto by hoarding clothes but it felt good to let go of it.



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